About Us

Coloured Lenses Online
We are a UK based business specialising in coloured contact lenses.  The lenses sold throughout our site are from InnoVision lens and have passed the strictest of safety requirements as you can imagine when dealing with products such as contact lenses.

All contact lenses sold on our website have received Quality Assurance Standard, ISO 9001 & ISO 13485. All ranges are made with completed cast mold by the patented pigment outside inlay method, the most sophisticated and safe colour eye accessory printing technology.

Our coloured contact lenses are sold worldwide and all year round for those looking to change the natural appearance of their eye colour.  A popular time of year for coloured contacts is October with our lenses becoming a must for finishing off that perfect Halloween costume.    

The fashion and make-up industry also accounts for a large uptake in coloured contacts in recent years.  InnoVision lenses have received fantastic reviews online from fashion and beauty Vloggers on YouTube which has helped increase the popularity of both our website and the lenses which we supply. 

We currently ship our contact lenses worldwide and pride ourselves on our customer service and speed with which we dispatch each order.  All orders are dispatched within 24 hours, Monday to Friday with orders received on a Saturday taking an extra day to dispatch.

We hope you find the coloured contacts that are right for you! Any questions please drop us an email, we love helping our customers.

Coloured Lenses Online